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Facilitating and promoting education, training and culture for the people of Sowerby Bridge


Who are we?

Our aim is to provide facilitate and promote education, training and culture for the people of Sowerby Bridge

The Fire & Water project will create a purpose built venue to provide community training and to house arts, music and cultural events as well as providing space for other community activities.

The creation of a community space on its own is not enough to effect social, cultural and economic change so the proposed site also provides commercial areas to provide a revenue stream to ensure the sustainability of the community centre and space to house new jobs for the town.

This includes the provision of space for craftsmen, artists, and other sole traders to enhance the creativity and cultural flavor of the hub.


How to Help

Our current membership subscription was never intended to be a fund-raiser, it barely covers the cost of one postage stamp

We rely on your kindness for donations which we would encourage you to use localgiving to do this. Localgiving is an organisation which enables us to claim Gift Aid (we pay a small fee per transaction but this in no way matches the benefit of getting an additional 25%) for every donation if you are a tax-payer.

Localgiving also arranges periodic Match Funding events and during these events you get £10 added to your donation.
Monthly donations via standing order are better than one-off ones because they usually benefit from an increased Match Funding budget.


F&W Newsletter

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DIY Volunteer Projects

Our DIY volunteer projects usually involve general labouring and some very rudimentary joinery skills. We are also building up a bank of more skilled volunteers – electricians, plumbers, joiners and building workers but we need more – many more – to sign up to occasional work sessions.

Please contact our Administrator to sign up.
Telephone: 01422 316160

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“I fully support Fire and Water and am happy to be involved with the project and help in any way I can – it will be a fantastic resource for the local community.”

Alex Abel, F&W Director
“I hope that Fire & Water will see an increased sense of pride and ownership by the local community in something unique that provides the people of Sowerby Bridge, with their active support and involvement, with a centre of excellence.”
Phil Hawdon, Chair of the Board of Trustees