Sowerby Bridge Winterlight Festival is an annual feast of sights and sounds.

Sowerby Bridge Winterlight Festival is a feast of sights and sounds created by a group of artists, musicians and technicians from across the community who have sought to create an outdoor vision of the true future heart of the town. It’s free to attend so come along and enjoy the music, performances and fireworks!

Hollins Mill Lane is transformed into a performance space where anything can happen and it’s all kicked-off with a procession of children from schools sporting their handmade illuminated lanterns and costumes. Workshops in schools enable the children to join the procession with their own creations and we invite everyone to make their own mask or costume, or dress up using lights if possible. If you’re stuck for ideas check out our links page.

With seven successful years of bringing this extraordinary and wonderful event together with the help of creative volunteers – and partnerships with schools, businesses and other art or theatre organisations – we are working to ensure that each event will be the best yet.

We work in partnership with Fire and Water which is helping to create a unique community space. This festival is helping to raise awareness of the building that the council have gifted to the community and to help to envisage ways of using it in the long term that benefit a wide cross section of people.